to buy? or not to buy?

i’ve realised that i can talk myself out of pretty much anything. all i need is a little bit of time and for the ol’ brain to be in overdrive.

i’ve been preparing for the evergreen artists’ market in november and over the last couple of weeks, it’s become painfully clear that the longarm quilting machine i currently have is holding me back. now don’t get me wrong, it’s a good machine and i am so very thankful that i have it, BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) i have surpassed it’s capabilities. it took some time for me to get the machine figured out, much longer than i thought it would actually, but now that i have, i find that i want to go much faster than the machine will allow. i decided that it was time to upgrade and after a lot of research i narrowed it down and even put a deposit on the one i wanted. the trouble is that while i’ve been waiting for the financing to come through, i’ve basically decided that it would be foolish to spend such a huge amount of money on something that i don’t really need. want? absolutely!  but need? i’m gonna have to go with ‘not so much’ on this one.

now, i know that if i had the funds waiting there for me when the ‘buy me’ bug bit, i’d have a $20,000 quilting machine sitting in my basement as we speak. while i do still really want the machine, i can’t help but be a little glad that i’ve had some time to rethink the whole thing. after all, that is a hell of a lot of money. on the other hand, it made me realise that sometimes, even though it’s not practical or maybe even necessary, you just gotta go for it!

and what did i decide? i’ll let you know when i finally do!