Farewell to thee, 2018

Seeing as its New Year’s Eve, I thought I might do a quick recap of my quilt year. Although I didn’t blog until later in the year, I was pretty busy at my machine. Here are a few of the client quilts I completed this year

I took on several new clients in 2018 and I hope to increase my client list even more in 2019. Thank you so much to everyone who trusted me with your quilt tops. I appreciate your business so much!

We took a long overdue family holiday to Thunder Bay

this summer to visit family and to say goodbye to the sweetest soul I’ve ever had the honour of knowing.

Grandpa Z was a man like no other and his absence is felt every single day. The loss of this beautiful man was a heartbreaking tragedy that we will never get over. I am so thankful we have a supportive and loving family to help us through it.

While in Thunder Bay, I was able to deliver a couple of quilts that my dear husband’s aunt waited years for. They were memory quilts for her children from their dad’s clothes.

I also gifted my beautiful niece with a quilt for her birthday. Does it matter that I was 4 months late?

2018 found me with less time to work on my own projects but I was still able to start a few things

I also found a killer deal on an embroidery only machine. I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but I’m pretty excited about it

The very last project I completed for 2018 was a memory quilt for a lovely young lady who graduated from high school in 2017. Her Aunt wanted to make a memory quilt for her, but she was unable to find the time to do it after taking on a new job. That’s where I came in. I was able to get it finished in time for Christmas and word is that she loved it!

I’m spending the holidays in Edmonton with my family and won’t head home until the weekend. I’m pumped to see what 2019 has in store for my little business!

Merry Holidays!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with friends and family! We came home to Edmonton to spend time with my family, and true to form it was a raucous affair with lots of laughs.

Right before the holiday I had an issue with my longarm machine. I blew a fuse and just my luck, I could not find the fuse I needed to save my life. I called and went to about 7 places in my area, but had no luck finding what I needed. Wednesday last, the stars aligned and I found what I needed in Saskatoon. It just so happened that a friend of mine was two blocks away from the store, and she was kind enough to pop in and pick up what I needed. I was a little concerned that there were bigger problems with my machine, but when my husband brought them home I beetled downstairs and put the new fuse in. IT WORKED! I was so relieved! Thursday morning I got the boys on the school bus and headed down to get to work. I had two quilt tops to finish and because they were on the smaller side, I was able to get them done by that afternoon.

They are both such pretty quilts and I was so happy that I could get them finished for my clients before Christmas.

Well, poop

I truly love living in rural Saskatchewan, but it does have its downfalls. Like when your Longarm machine won’t turn on and it’s the last week before Christmas and you’re getting the last of your client’s quilts done, but you don’t have any of the required fuses to get it up and running again. You call around to every place in a 100 km radius that *might* have the fuse you need, but no one has any in stock. You can order what you need online, but there’s no way it will arrive in time for you to get the work done. So you contact your clients and give them the bad news and hope that they are understanding (my wonderful clients are so very kind and understanding. Thank you so much!) Then it can be a giant pain in the a** to live out in the middle of no where. It’s times like this that I miss living in the city. But then I think of the wonderful life we have out here. How my children have freedoms they could never have living in the city. How we have privacy, and solitude, and peace. How we have become self reliant and resourceful. I feel terrible that I won’t be able to complete my clients quilts before Christmas, but as bad as I feel, it’s still worth it to live a life I love out here in the sticks.

A guild show and a new start

Back in September I received a phone call from a lady in a neighbouring town, asking if I’d be interested in having a table at their annual guild show. Of course I jumped at the chance! I was a little unsure of what I would have for displays at my table, but after consulting a few longarm groups on Facebook I decided to have a few samples of my work, a booklet of pantograph patterns that I offer, some business cards, and a handout on my pricing and how to prepare a quilt for your longarm quilter.

I had a pretty good day! I gave out a ton of cards, and more than half of the pamphlets I brought. I met some lovely people as well! I had forgotten how much i enjoy these shows. It was more than 4 years since my last show and I sure hope I don’t wait that long before I do another.

Once the show was done I found myself with a fair amount of work to complete. I spent the entire month of November and the first week of December getting stuff quilted up for all my new customers. I have two memory quilts to complete before Christmas and it’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m confident I can get them done. I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I go.