nine, ten, a big fat hen

there’s just something about a rooster crowing that SCREAMS farm. we decided last winter that we wanted some chickens, so we placed an order and we got 30 day old chicks in may. having been raised in the city, we had a lot to learn. thankfully, our library is a great resource and we got all the information we needed (and some we didn’t!) we have had a great time raising the chicks and it’s been a wonderful experience for the boys. we’ve done fairly well, losing only one chick at around the 4 week mark, and two hens and two roosters to a chicken eating german shepherd puppy that has since found a new home. the hens started to lay a few weeks ago, and as they mature more of them are laying and the eggs are getting bigger. in a few weeks, we’ll butcher the most of the roosters and have delcious free range chicken in our freezer. i won’t say that it’s cheaper to raise your own, but it’s nice to know that the animals had a happy life



10 thoughts on “nine, ten, a big fat hen

  1. Congratulations on your blog, it’s lovely to read about peoples lives in other countries. We live on a housing estate near a town but have an allotment for growing extra fruit and veg. I read a lot about canning, do you need special equipment.


  2. Hi Chrissie,
    I live in Derbyshire, the middle of England. I tend to freeze any surplus beans etc. but we have not grown so much this year as the weather has been so bad and I am clearing a new allotment. Good soil, as the weeds are prolific!!!!


  3. Love your egg story. Growing up we raised chickens, we ate them, and we always had fresh eggs. Still today I go to my parents for farm fresh eggs. They taste so much better than store bought; or maybe that is what I am used to. Wish I could have some where I live but they are not allowed in town. LOL….


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